About The Rootz

The Rootz is born as a new Jackets brand customized by the customer. Our differential value lies in the possibility that the client customizes the jackets through our configuration tool and thus obtain a unique and personal garment to their liking.

This individual and personal touch will make each jacket unique and exclusive. The feeling of seeking the essential, that our client feels unique and individual is the essence of our firm. We want each person to be involved in the designing and creating process, thus becoming a fundamental part of our creative process.

In addition, in The Rootz we have the clear objective of guaranteeing exclusivity both through the configuration tool and through limited pieces of both accessories and collections designed by our creative team. The continuous updating and the limited stock, will enhance the concept of exclusive garments.

Finally, The Rootz wants to combine two concepts: innovation, with our custom tool and craftwork, with the work of our workshops. The development process we carry out is very manual and handmade, taking care of all details and qualities throughout the whole process. The quality and customer satisfaction have become our daily motivation.

In March, a report was issued about our company in Flash Moda TV program, TVE1. A few minutes where you can get to know us a little better!