Terms and Conditions

The Legal Notice published in this webpage identifies the owner as described in accordance to the established terms of the Art. Nr. 10 from the Law of Services of the Society of the Information and of Electronic Commerce in the Spanish Law, and contains information on the policy regarding the protection of personal data.

The products displayed in this Web page are meant for consumption, and this is the reason why the transactional contract is settled at the moment when the client submits the order confirmation. For this reason, TRZ ORIGINAL TEXTIL COMPANY, S.L. recommends the complete reading of the present Legal Notice and these Terms and Conditions, before accepting the orders.

The present contract is settled within the legal framework established within the Rules of the Electronic Commerce by the Law 34/2002 of Services of the Society of the Information and of Electronic Commerce, considering Law 7/1996, of January the 15th for arrangements on the retail commerce, taking into account Law 7/1998, of April the13th, on general conditions of hiring,  and the Real DL 1/2007, of November the 16th, by which the refunded text of the general Law for the defense of the consumers and users and Law 3/2014 has been approved, on March the 27th.

The contracting Terms are as following:

Users registration

It is an essential requirement to be able to register as a user to be more than eighteen (18) years and to provide, through the website form, all the data required and identified as mandatory.

The user once registered assumes that his or her user account is personal and non-transferable. All registered users will have an access password that will be of limited duration and we recommend that it fulfils with the following minimum requirements:

Contain at least seven characters.

Use at least three of the following four types of characters:

Uppercase letters (A, B, C).

Lowercase letters (a, b, c).

Numbers (1, 2, 3).

Symbols (` ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * (.

The user can modify the password at any time. TRZ ORIGINAL TEXTIL COMPANY, S.L. will not know that password, which will remain in our systems encrypted.

User must immediately notify TRZ ORIGINAL TEXTIL COMPANY, S.L. any fact that allows the improper use of the passwords, such as theft, loss, or unauthorised access to them, in order to proceed to its immediate cancellation. As long as such events are not reported, the provider will be exempt from any liability that may arise from the misuse of usernames or passwords by unhauthorised third parties.

Features of the Products

The characteristics of products presented in this site appear on the screen, underneath the visual identification of such.

Special Aspects of Products with custom messages

To make your denim and military jackets more personal, through the customization tool available on our website, you can request any combination of letters, numbers and spaces to form a name, a word or a phrase, in the areas allowed: yoke or back.

We ask that you avoid using inappropriate expressions, since TRZ ORIGINAL TEXTIL COMPANY, S.L., reserves the right not to accept orders that contain inappropriate vocabulary, as well as the use of third-party trademarks. In addition, we remember that certain characters may not be compatible with our system.

We kindly ask you to avoid from requesting names, words or phrases that fall into any of the following categories:

1. Names of products, services, companies, organizations or events that belong to third parties;

2. Names or nicknames of famous people (living or deceased);

3. Names, words or phrases that infringe or may infringe rights of third parties, including, but not limited to, trademarks or other intellectual property rights of third parties;

4. Names, symbols or phrases that constitute a threat, incite violence, are defamatory, obscene, discriminatory, provocative, sexually explicit or are illegal in any other way.

TRZ ORIGINAL TEXTIL COMPANY, S.L. reserves the right to reject any name, word or phrase (or combination of these) included in any of the previous categories or that are otherwise unacceptable for TRZ ORIGINAL TEXTIL COMPANY, S.L., which will cause the cancellation of your order.

Remember that when placing an order for a product with a custom message, you represent and warrant that all the names, words or phrases that you request to incorporate in your personalized product are not included in any of the categories mentioned above.

This service is only available for denim jackets and military jackets.

The request for a custom message requires the selection of the option "TU MENSAJE PERSONALIZADO", in the corresponding area: back or yoke.

Languages for making an order

Orders can be made in Spanish and English.


The effective prices will be applied in Euros as shown on the webpage at the time of finalising the order.

The price of the products is detailed next to the description and photo(s) of each of these. The prices of products include VAT as well as shipping costs if the customer is in Spain, Andorra and Portugal. If the customer is outside of these territories, the price does not include the shipping costs or customs charges, if any, to be borne by the customer/consignee.

In the case the payment is made with credit or debit cards which currency is not the Euro, please check with the issuer of the card the exchange rates applied and possible commissions for transactions in other currencies.

TRZ ORIGINAL TEXTIL COMPANY, S.L., reserves itself the right to unilaterally modify the price of the products presented on this website.

The steps to follow in making an order

To place an order, you must select the item you desire, check the print, color, size and quantities units you wish to buy and then click on the "add to cart" button to send it to the shopping cart. When you have finished choosing products or services, click on the "Proceed to Checkout" option.

At any time, you can review the content of the shopping cart, where you will be able to check the selected articles, their price and shipping costs (in case the order is made outside of Spain, Andorra and Portugal). From this same window, before sending the order you can correct, change or cancel the selected products.

If you have a promotional coupon enter the corresponding code to benefit from its conditions.

In order to make the order, the user needs to be registered. In the case of not being registered, he or she will have to facilitate some personal data, and to accept the Legal Notice and Privacy Policy, and the contracting conditions, receiving a name of user and a password. In case of being registered already, the user will only have to facilitate the user´s name and the password.

As a next step, the user will have to add the shipping and billing address (if different from the first one), or select from the previously defined ones in his account.

The user will then be informed of the shipping options available for his or her shipping address. In this step, the user must also accept the General Conditions of the purchase.

As a final step you must choose the payment method and will be redirected to the payment gateway.

Once the payment process is completed you will receive a confirmation email of the payment made. We will also send you an email confirming the details of the order placed.

When placing an order of custom jackets, the customer is automatically granting TRZ Original Textil Company, SL the right to take photographs of the finished product, for possible use in Social Networks or on the website.

Order Follow-up

Once the order is placed, it will be archived so that it can be accessed through the Internet until it has been delivered. At any time, the user can view the status of his or her order, in the "Order history and details" section, within his or her personal account, on the website.

Payments Methods

The payment of the price of the products and its corresponding shipping costs, will be made in one of the ways indicated below: payment by credit or debit card: Visa, Debit Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard.

National and International Shipment

Shipments to Spain, Portugal and Andorra

Shipments to Spain, Portugal and Andorra are made by Post Office and the shipping expenses are assumed by The Rootz.

No shipments are made to the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Madeira and the Azores.

No deliveries will be made to post offices boxes or mailing lists. 

Shipments to Other Countries

Shipments to other countries cost € 15.00 (VAT included) and include the following destinations: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Poland, Sweden, Vatican City.

These shipments are made by SEUR and shipping expenses will be borne by the customer.

Delivery times:

The product will be delivered within 1 to 2 weeks starting on the reception day of the corresponding bank income

If your product is a gift box or a jacket under menu Special Price it will be delivered within 72 hours, starting on the reception day of the corresponding bank income.

If the product is in Pre-Order status, it will be delivered on the date indicated in the respective product page.

Summer vacation period

Your product is personalized by hand and on request. During the summer vacation period, period between July 25th and August 31st, our artisans’ workshops will remain closed. Orders placed during the holiday period will be shipped in early September.

In cases where the volume of orders entails the reduction of the available stock or out-of-stock, the customer will be notified of a new delivery date which will always be as short as possible.

In case the product is a unique or personalised good, it is discontinued or it is not possible to replenish its stock, the customer will be requested to select a new product of similar characteristics and price or to cancel the order, in which case the amount paid will be refunded.

When receiving the order, we will send a confirmation email to the customer and once the shipment has been sent a second email with the locator so that he or she may follow the package.

In case you do not receive your order within the expected deadlines, please notify us by means of the contact form.

In addition, in case the delivery fails to fulfil the expected date, the customer may request the return of the product and the amount paid or receive a discount voucher.


Shipments made by Post Office (Paq72 service) will be delivered at the address requested, under signature (within 72 hours). This service is associated with two attempts to deliver and may remain at the Post Office at your disposal for 15 calendar days.

In the case of shipments to Portugal, 2 attempts will be made to deliver, without permanence in the office and with return of the shipment within 7 calendar days from the last delivery attempt.

Post Office will send an SMS / email to the recipient advising of the arrival of the package.

Shipments are made daily from Monday to Friday (except holidays). The transport will only include the products of the order and includes only their transport and their delivery in the address of the client/recipient.

In case of damages due to transport, the customer must specify it in the delivery note of the carrier. Claims of damage caused by the transport will not be admitted after 24 hours from the reception and delivery of the goods. Upon the delivery of the goods, the customer will receive the corresponding delivery note.

International shipments made by SEUR will be delivered to the address indicated within 3-4 business days. This period does not include the time of customs processing, in those countries where it is necessary.

Errors in registration or delivery data

The user is liable, in any case, for the truthfulness of the data provided, leaving TRZ ORIGINAL TEXTIL COMPANY, S.L. exempt of any type of responsibility when facing possible delays or failures in the delivery as a consequence of error or omission in the registration/delivery data.

If the order is returned to us due to errors or omission in the registration/delivery data, we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a new delivery. The costs resulting from such return and reshipment will be customer responsibility.

For this reason, if you detect that has been an error in entering your personal or delivery data when registering as a user, you can modify them by contacting the customer service by contact form, to correct the error.

Avalability of Products

Since many of our products are unique pieces or need customisation, they are subject to availability. In case an order is confirmed and any of the products is out-of-stock, we will notify you by email and we will make the refund within a maximum period of 48 hours, counting from the first business day to the reception of the order.

TRZ ORIGINAL TEXTIL COMPANY, S.L. reserves itself the right to unilaterally remove or modify any product shown in the website at any time. In addition, there may be exceptional circumstances that require us to refuse the processing of an order after sending the order confirmation. When these exceptional circumstances occur, we will contact as soon as possible with the client.

Returns & Refunds

In accordance to the arranged terms as exposed in the General Law for the Defense of the Consumers and Users, the buyer can proceed with returning the goods he or she bought within 14 calendar days following the reception of the order, as long as the goods returned are in the same condition in which you received them.

Christmas Campaign

On the occasion of the Christmas campaign, we extended the period for exchanges and returns. Purchases made after November 22nd can be exchanged or returned until January 15th.

Returns will not be accepted after the indicated deadlines.

Returns and exchanges will not be accepted for products with custom messages, as they have been manufactured exclusively for you. Products with custom messages may be returned or exchanged solely and exclusively due to a manufacturing defect.

The seller will return the amount of the order to the buyer within a maximum period of 14 calendar days from the date he was informed of the decision to withdraw the contract by the consumer/user.

The return will not imply any penalty to the buyer, but the buyer will have to pay the shipping expenses of the return of the product.

This website does not accept cancellations of orders once they have been shipped. In that case, previous paragraphs should be applied.

The slight color variations that may occur with respect to the colours shown on www.therootzlab.com cannot be considered a reason for return. Although we try to reproduce them with the greatest reliability, depending on where our web is displayed, differences in tones may appear.

To formalize the return, you will:

1. Access the "Orders History and Details" section of your account.

2. Select the order from which you want to return a product(s).

3. Select the product(s) that you wish to return by checking the box next to its name(s).

4. Add a return reason to improve product and service quality.

5. Press on the button “Request the return”

6. Once the return request is sent and if it meets the deadline and the conditions, the shop team will send you an email with the instructions for sending the package.


You will be able to know, at any moment, the status of your request, in "My Merchandise Returns", accessible from the page of your account.

The product must retain its original packaging and labelling and it cannot have been used. If you do not return it in the same box or envelope on which it was sent, you must return it in a similar format that guarantees the return in perfect condition.

Returns of defective items

If at the time of delivery, you believe that the product does not conform to the stipulated in the contract, please notify our customer service immediately, by means of the contact form, adding a photo of the defective area. We will explain you the procedure to return the product.


TRZ ORIGINAL TEXTIL COMPANY, S.L. offers you a guarantee on the products that we commercialize, in the terms legally established for each type of product, answering therefore, for the lack of conformity of the products, as long as the customer manifests it within the legal term, from the delivery of the product.

In the case of a defective product, please contact the customer service department immediately to indicate the procedure for returning the product. When we receive the product in our facilities, we will proceed to the verification of the defects and following we will proceed to the return of all the economic amounts paid. The return of the products will not entail a cost for the customer.

The products that we commercialise often may vary in relation to photos, never with the descriptions. These features, such as difference in tones, colours and textures, will not be considered defects or tares.

Data communication

The user is informed and expressly consents to the communication of his or her data to third parties that TRZ ORIGINAL TEXTIL COMPANY, S.L. determines or needs for the provision of its services, such as transport companies that make the shipments, financial entities to manage the collection, etc.

In any case, access to data on behalf of these companies will be regulated in a contract that complies with the provisions of article 12 of the Organic Law on Protection of Personal Data. The data communicated will be exclusively those that prove to be adequate, pertinent and not excessive.

Doubts or Claims

The user can address his or her doubts, queries about order’s follow up or claims to Customer Service, by any of the following means:

Post: TRZ ORIGINAL TEXTIL COMPANY, S.L., Calle Acuario 65, 28222 Majadahonda

Contact form