How does The Rootz gift box work?



1.     GIFT BOXES can be purchased online at and in The Rootz’s authorised stores. A voucher is included in each GIFT BOX, with a product total amount, and should be used to purchase a custom sweatshirt or hoodie.

2.     The GIFT BOXES can only be used to purchase custom sweatshirts or hoodies, at, included under the "Design your Hoodie" menu. Its use is not allowed to purchase collection sweatshirts. 

3.     The GIFT BOX voucher is for a single use and valid for only one custom sweatshirt or hoodie. Once used, the voucher will be deactivated.

4.     The GIFT BOX voucher is not cumulative with other promotional discounts. Only one custom sweatshirt or hoodie can be included per order.

5.     The GIFT BOX voucher has a fixed price. When using the voucher, if the price of your custom sweatshirt or hoodie is lower than the price payed for the GIFT BOX, the difference will not be refunded. In the other hand, if it is higher, no additional amount will be charged.

6.     The GIFT BOX value shall not, at any time, be refunded or exchanged for cash. However, as with the rest of the products offered for sale at, the return of the GIFT BOX that has not been used will be accepted within 14 calendar days from the date of purchase. If the GIFT BOX has been acquired at a The Rootz’s store, it is essential to present the original purchase ticket.

7.     Custom sweatshirt or hoodie purchased with the GIFT BOX voucher shall be subject to the same terms and conditions as any other product purchased at

8.  The GITF BOX voucher is a bearer instrument. Its holder shall be solely responsible for the use and custody of it. The GIFT BOX voucher will not be replaced in case it is is lost, stolen or damaged.

9.  The GIFT BOX voucher shall be valid for one year from the purchase’s date. When expired, the GIFT BOX voucher cannot be renewed, or used to purchase goods, nor shall its value be claimed.

10.  GIFT BOXES obtained through any unlawful means shall be null and void and they shall not be used to purchase products, nor shall its value be refunded.

11.  The purchase and use of the GIFT BOX evidences full acceptance of these terms and conditions.

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